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What services do I offer for adults?

Being in the business of supporting children to become the leaders of their own lives over the past two decades, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, experience and skills. I do this by offering:

​Introduction to Kids Life Coaching Online Training

Theory of Kids Life Coaching 1-Day Live Training 

​Kids Life Coach Certifications online

Zeal Challenge Coaching Online Programme for Teens

Zeal True Colours Online Motivational Programme for 5 - 9 year olds 

​Equal Zeal System for parents online programme

What services do I offer for children?

For me taking your child on my coaching journey is about equipping them to be happy, motivated and inspired. Based in the rural countryside of Cambridgeshire, I work locally but also travel to homes and schools and connect via Skype.  The services I offer children include:

  • Exclusive Individual Coaching
  • Success Mindset Leadership Programmes
  • Motivational Workshops based on my books

No matter the context, I always tailor-make my approach to ensure personal outcomes. The outcomes children will achieve through their tailor-made coaching programme is dependent on their needs identified but the results you can expect include:

  • Implementing daily routines to eliminate stress and reduce anxiety 
  • Easier social interaction and communication
  • Improved Academic results 
  • Better Listening Skills
  • Reduction in negative self defeating behaviours 
  • Communication improves amongst siblings
  • Better co-operation and ability to follow instructions
  • More Confidence and feeling self assured
  • Taking responsibility for their actions
  • Being calmer and more focused
  • Increased Motivation and Happiness
  • Co-operation improves resulting in less arguing

Please e-mail my team if you need support for your child or if you would like to book me

for a talk or workshop in your organisation.