How does my World-Class Coaching Programme Work?

STEP #1:  Before you enrol in my “Inspired Living” Coaching Programme, I will have a no obligation phone consultation with you to discuss your child’s needs to see if I am a good fit.

STEP #2: If you decide to go ahead, I will ask you to do my Lifestyle Assessment which will take you around 30 minutes to complete. 

STEP #3: I tailor-make your child’s "Inspired Living" Coaching Programme according to their needs identified. This programme is goal-orientated and the outcomes are geared towards laying a foundation for positive living. This is linked to your child recognising their own self worth and feeling empowered to make real changes in the way they think, act and feel. 

STEP #4: Dependent on their needs, your child attends individual  (see package below) or group coaching. After each session, I communicate with you, to assist in reinforcing the skills your child has learnt each week.

STEP #5: Your child will be given a take home Motivational Kit-Bag filled with fun items to reinforce the skills from our coaching sessions. They will use these items as part of their Home-based programme which consists of an Online Learning Platform.

​​​I offer Online Coaching programmes. Some of the topics include:

  • Being my own best friend
  • Anger with a Capital D
  • Sibling Success
  • EZee Study Skills
  • Dealing with Divorce
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Taking the blues out of bullying
  • Why does't anybody understand me
  • Search for the hero inside yourself

You can also enrol in my Introduction to Kids Life Coaching online programme to learn the basics of coaching your kids to coach themselves! 

What qualifies me as a World-Class Kids Life Coach?

My "Inspired Living" Coaching Programme is based on my secret recipe, that I have been using successfully for over 12 years. I have used my proven techniques with over 9500 children and I have also trained a global network of Kids Life Coaches who extend my reach. The bottom line is it works and the results are proven! I have presented my evidence at the 2nd Global Childhood Conference at Oxford University and at the Division of Child & Educational Psychology Conference hosted by the British Psychological Association. 

How will I guarantee that your child will receive World-Class Coaching?

Since your child has individual needs, I offer a no obligation Lifestyle Assessment that I will ask you to complete should you be interested in moving forward. This comprehensive Assessment that I have designed, consists of relevant questions pertaining to the 10 areas above.  The results of this Lifestyle Assessment are represented graphically, which will give us a clear indication of where your child’s life may benefit from guidance and intervention. This allows me to put together a tailor-made Coaching programme guaranteed to obtain the best results according to your child’s individual needs. The results are also measurable because after completing my “Zeal for Life” Coaching Programme, you will be invited to do the Assessment again for us to review and track improvements. Click here to book a free no obligation consultation for your child.  

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What will your child achieve by joining me for my

​World-Class Kids Life Coaching?

For me taking your child on my coaching journey is about equipping them to be happy, motivated and inspired. The personal outcomes your child will achieve through their tailor-made coaching programme is dependent on their needs identified but the results you can expect include:

  • Implementing daily routines to eliminate stress and reduce anxiety 
  • Easier social interaction and communication
  • Improved Academic results 
  • Better Listening Skills
  • Reduction in negative self defeating behaviours 
  • Communication improves amongst siblings
  • Better co-operation and ability to follow instructions
  • More Confidence and feeling self assured
  • Taking responsibility for their actions
  • Being calmer and more focused
  • Increased Motivation and Happiness
  • Co-operation improves resulting in less arguing

I am conveniently based in London, but I am flexible and will travel to your home, or work with your child via Skype or in their school.  

Please e-mail me if you need support for your child or you can do my online Lifestyle Assessment to see where your child's life may be out of balance. I look forward to hearing from you and working with your child!

Regards with Zeal,

What is my World-Class Kids Life Coaching based on?​​

My "Inspired Living" Coaching Programme has been carefully put together based on my extensive research into the below 6 Theories which are underpinned by solid Scientific & Psychological Principles.  I have packaged the best techniques of each of these in such a way, that your child can easily understand them. The practical techniques are non-invasive and so easy to use that your child will be enthusiastic to apply them. You and your child will start seeing and feeling results in as little as 2 weeks. My philosophy is that success breeds success and this means having a practical toolkit that works and can be adapted to any situation.