"I put the child back into childhood because every child deserves to be happy."

"There are few people who manage to be upbeat, cheerful, kind, optimistic, caring, and full of a genuine love for all, especially in the face of the daily toil and struggles that we all face. Zelna Lauwrens is, without a doubt, one of these wonderful elite. My time spent with her, although brief, has gone a long way into shaping who I am today. There is little doubt in my mind that if in the span of a few weeks a person can utterly change another’s outlook on the world and teach him or her to see the silver lining which is so often lost amongst the clouds, then that person is a true marvel whose unwavering trust and belief in the inherent goodness of humanity is akin to a lighthouse. For even in the darkest of days and the stormiest of times, Zelna Lauwrens’s light will continue to shine through to illuminate the way back for any lost in the tempests of life." 

Michael Jeong - Teen Client

“I had resigned myself to accepting that my child was ‘meant to be shy’, afraid & lacking in confidence and enthusiasm.  I felt I had nothing to lose in enrolling her for this course, but secretly also didn’t expect much.  I am pleasantly surprised!  My child has turned out to be a brave, confident & sure young lady in just 4 sessions.  This course has been truly rewarding & helped my child to get on course toward being the best she can possibly be!" 

Nishi Padayachee, Mother of 7-year Old

This programme has taught me to cope with bad stress and good stress at school and at home.  I now know that people can’t get into my inside world unless I let them.  I feel that if they try to hurt my feelings it is their problem now.”
    Courtney Odell, 10 year old client

“I sent my 8 year old daughter to Zelna without much hope of her being able to achieve any changes in her behavior.  After only 4 sessions it was a delight to note that for the first time ever she started accepting responsibility, previously she always tried and blame somebody else for her poor behavior, more often than not it was her big sister’s fault.  There were also more subtle changes with her being less self centred and more aware that she had to fit in as part of a family, which meant give and take, not just taking all the time.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Zelna and her programme for anyone who has a “difficult child”, she is the most amazing person and is able to relate incredibly well to children of all ages.”

Monique Metzler, mother of 10-year old

“The programme encourages our children to look within themselves and to judge themselves on what they feel and what makes them truly happy. We all need to attend coaching once in  a while to regain our perspective on who we really are and what makes us happy."

Cherine Neveling, mother

"Zelna has always shown her commitment to my children, Shaun and Zandi, and has always been a loyal, active participant in teaching them life skills to overcome any difficult situation they might have to face. Her presence in their lives are priceless to me. I look forward to having Zelna as a lifelong friend in my life." 

Wanda Voight - Colleague Kids Life Coach

I have to confess that when I am coaching children, my heart “sings”! Their energy feeds my soul and as much as I strive to coach them towards their own best self, they are always teaching me new ways of looking at life. This is what has given me the edge…the inside track…the knowledge to create my Kids Life Coaching programmes that are not only based on solid Scientific and Psychological Principles, but also on what is real. 

All parents deserve to have peace of mind that their child is in good hands. So I should tell you up front that for me the words “Kids Life Coach” and “World-Class” cannot be separated and that mediocrity is something that I have never subscribed to. When influencing a child's life, I believe in laying a solid foundation that will give the parent reassurance that their child can handle the ups and downs of life with confidence. 

I have a Bachelor Degree in Education and an Honours Degree in Psychology of Education, but I believe that my real education was provided by the thousands of children that I have worked with over the past two decades. I have been privileged to have done this from a multitude of different angles as a Teacher, Counsellor, Life Skills Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, but most importantly as a Kids Life Coach. I have experience coaching children from the polar opposites of life like Street Kids and the Children of Foreign Diplomats. I have presented my research on this at the Global Childhood Conference at Oxford University and at the Division of Child & Educational Psychology Conference hosted by the British Psychological Association.  

I am also the founder of The Kids Life Coach Academy which is my online training portal that offers Kids Life Coach Certifications to professionals, who like me who want to make a positive influence on children's lives. Since 2009, I have provided training to over 300 professionals such as Doctors, Psychologists, Teachers, Social Workers, Life Coaches and Parents worldwide. I have a network of coaches placed throughout the world in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, United Kingdom, America and Canada that are certified to use my proven Kids Life Coaching Model. Globally we are collectively working towards creating a generation of children who are equipped to be happy high functioning adults.   

My drive is to see a world, where labels are not an indication of a child's true potential, but where every child no matter their background, environment or abilities is seen as a leader. We never know the extent and reach of our influence and no matter the circumstances I believe in coaching children to coach themselves. My personal experiences have taught me that children can be coached to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

I am an author of multiple motivational resources and books for children. My upcoming book "Rebranding Childhood" which is interwoven with solid research on the Psychology of Childhood puts Kids Life Coaching into perspective through the stories of the inspirational children I have had the privilege of working with. These have included Street children, Spoilt kids of Foreign Diplomats, the Mentally & Physically Challenged, Victims of Child Trafficking, Sexually abused girls, Bipolar teens and Sociopathic Pre Schoolers. My personal experiences have taught me that no matter the label, children can be coached to overcome their circumstances.

zelna@worldclasskidslifecoach.com +44 77 74448826

I am a World-Class Kids Life Coach, Author, Speaker and a Child Motivation Expert that is striving to rebrand childhood! My mission is to educate, motivate and inspire children around the world to have a positive mindset and to empower them to become the leader of their own life.